Tanya Pollard (Chairperson- Town)
Susan Clark (Vice Chair- Town)
Jackie Lutz-Stitsen (Treasurer- County)
Carlota Coma (Secretary - County)

Board Members:
David Truckey (Elected Councilor- Town of Westlock)
Victor Julyan- County Councilor
Brandy Berry (Member- County)
Shirin Jamaly (Member- Town)
Irene Empey (Member- County)

Voice from the Village of Clyde:

The Village of Clyde is not a member to the Intermunicipal Agreement; however, their voice is important for representing their community and helping advocate for residents who access programs, services and resources through our library.

We welcome your comments to the Board.

Mail to:
Westlock Intermunicipal Library Board
c/o Westlock Library
#1-10007-100 Avenue
Westlock, Alberta T7P 2H5