Donations and volunteering brochure

The Westlock Municipal Libraries accept donations of money, library materials or gently used equipment. Equipment may include computers, cables, devices, furniture, etc. and will be considered as "in-kind" donation of an estimated dollar value based on the condition, age and potential application by the library.

Donation of Library Materials

Print and audio/visual material must be clean and undamaged. Items may be added to the collection depending on age, condition, and material relevance. Duplicate or outdated items will be shared with our service points (Fawcett or Jarvie) or added to our book sale shelves. Book Sale money goes directly to the purchase of new items for the Library; Click for more information!.

The Library Accepts Donations of:

Hard-cover books
Paperback books
DVD & VHS Movies
CDs & Audio Books
Board or video games
Magazine Subscriptions

The Librarian reserves the right to distribute or discard donated items according to the quality and contition of the material.

The Library does Not Accept Donations of:

Items with Mold or Mildew
Textbooks & Encyclopedias
Old Magazines & Periodicals
Reader’s Digest & Condensed Books
Vinyl Records & Tapes
Copyright Violation Items
Used Items with Highlights or Handwriting on Pages

Donation of Money
Donations greater than $20 are eligible for CRA tax reciept. Donations can be made to the library in the form of cash, cheque, debit transaction or money order indicating the "Westlock Municipal Library" as recipient.

Donors may specify if their gist should be allocated towards Operations, Capital Projects, or Memorial in honour of a loved one: Donations given in memory of an individual will have a memorium plate placed in the purchased item. If donors do not specify the Librarian will allocate donation money according to greatest need.

Bottle Donations
Westlock Libraries accept donations of recyclable beverage containers (bottles, cans, milk jugs, tetrapaks, and cartons) as an initiative to generate revenue to purchase library materials and equipment. Recyclables may be deposited in the "bottle barrel" by the front door of the library. OR, if you have a lot of bags to donate, call us and we'll come and pick them up.