Exam Proctoring

Exam Invigilation Services and Fees

Westlock Libraries invigilates exams for post-secondary distance-learning students. The Library is equipped to invigilate either written or on-line exams.
To book an exam you may phone the Library (780-349-3060) or complete this BOOKING FORM 

There is a $25.00 administration fee for each exam written at the library. The Library will follow exam procedures as outlined by the parent institution.

The Student is Required to:
  1. Complete all necessary coursework assigned by the parent institute to qualify for writing an examination.
  2. Contact the library by phone (780-349-3060) to book an exam date and time
  3. Contact the parent institution and complete any administrative paperwork required to have an exam sent to Westlock Municipal Library for invigilation.
  4. Call the library 2 business days prior to your exam booking to confirm the time and ensure the exam has been received.
  5. Arrive at the library 10-15 minutes before the booked examination time to sign in, pay invigilation fees, and complete any pre-exam procedures or paperwork.
Please Note:
  • Exams may only be written during library hours of operation
  • The student MUST bring picture identification and have a student identification number

    For more information contact us: info@westlocklibrary.ca