Coding Games

What is coding? On the most basic level, coding is how we communicate with computers (aka "computer coding"), and what we use to build and run websites, apps, video games, and more. Learning to code is like learning how to speak and write in a particular language; a computer’s language.

Coding Games are an excellent tool to learning
Besides learning how to code, the benefits of coding games for kids is that they:

  • Teach People How to Think Critically.

  • Build Creativity.

  • Learn How to Adapt and Overcome Any Problem.

Benefits of coding:
  • Coders are in high demand
  • Coding provides a competitive advantage
  • Coding knowledge allows students better understand the world
  • Coding is fun and satisfying
  • Coding improves creativity
  • Coding improves problem solving
  • Coding improves persistence
  • Coding improves collaboration
  • Coding improves communication
Below are just a few links to popular coding games



Code Combat  

Code Monkey   

CS Unplugged   

Hour of Code     


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