Story Sacks

What are story sacks?

Story sacks are a large cotton bag containing a book and props to support the story. They can be borrowed from the library. Sharing story sacks with children offers a multi-sensory approach to the reading process, it will also help develop their early literacy skills.

What benefits do they have? 
Story sacks can be for any age group, but you need to remember that young children have a short attention span, therefore short stories and more props are more successful with children of this age group.

Using story sacks is an excellent way to create and sustain an interest in books. Children enjoy fun and interactive activities, and this is a perfect way to allow children to be more hands-on during story time, stimulating their minds and imagination by bringing stories to life.

It creates another dimension to the book and really allows children to make sense of what is going on in the story. Not only does a story sack encourage children to play and explore, it allows them to think creatively and provides them with opportunities to create and think critically.

particularly suitable for two year old’s. There are also some resources that you can use with the books to extend the reading and communication experience for your children.

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