Annual Library Card Fees

Resident Rates
Juvenile/Youth (<18 years) Free
Adult (18-64 years) $20.00/year
Family $30.00/year
Senior (65+ years) $10.00/year
Senior (Couple) $15.00/year
Adult in Residential Facility $7.00/year
Corporate/Institutional $40.00/year

Resident refers to any person residing within Westlock County borders, the Town of Westlock or other community where household taxes are paid to a municipality that meets any of the following criteria:

  • A municipality that is party to the Westlock Inter-municipal Library Board.
  • A municipality that is party to the Yellowhead Regional Library System.
  • An individual student whose residence is north of Westlock County borders, but who attends classes within the Westlock Libraries service area due to geographic necessity.
  • An individual, or household, who resides in a municipality that pays taxes to the M.D. of Lesser Slave Lake but who seeks library services at one of the Westlock Libraries northern satellite branches (Fawcett or Jarvie) due to geographic necessity.

Non-Resident Rates
Juvenile/Youth (<18 years) $25.00/year
Adult (18-64 years) $75.00/year
Family $100.00/year
Senior (65+ years) $50.00/year

Non-Resident refers to any person who resides in a community that does not pay property or business taxes to a municipality that contributes to the operation of Westlock Libraries OR Yellowhead Regional Library System OR does not otherwise satisfy the terms defining Resident.