OverDrive is a custom book collection (for all ages) as seen on TRAC. Titles are available 24/7. Anytime! Anywhere! Books are available as Audio Publications or E-Publications (electronic format read on approved personal devices). Books can be enjoyed on a PC or Mac personal computers. Books can also be transferred to approved devices like Apple® Devices such as iPod, iTouch, IPhone, iPad,e-Readers –Kobo, Sony® Reader and mobile devices (Blackberry, Android). A complete list of devices that are "not" compatible with OverDrive may be viewed on OverDrive.

Digital books can also be downloaded directly from OverDrive to you mobile devices if they support the OverDrive App.

Please note Kindle Readers do not support OverDrive software.

Getting Started with OverDrive

To enjoy books from the Overdrive Collection you will first have to download the free software from OverDrive (for audio books) or Adobe Digital Editions (for eBooks). Once the software is downloaded into your computer you are ready to start enjoying books from the Overdrive Collection. Check out our brochure for how to find and check-out a book in OverDrive.

Have questions on how to get started, browse for books, order, download or have specific questions use the Over Drove Help http://help.overdrive.com/?

Importing books on CD into iTunes : your are able to import audio books into iTunes and transfer to a mobile device. Remember, this is a "Borrowed" library item and must be deleted from your iTunes and mobile device at the end of it's loan period.

If you are having any difficulty with any of the above processes, please contact us at info@westlocklibrary.ca or 780-349-3060 for check out the Digital Help on the OverDrive site.
We are happy to help you with you eReader set up. Call or email us to make an appointment. Remember to bring along you eReader and lap top or your portable device.