Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Westlock Public Library Society are the fundraising arm of the Westlock Intermunicipal Library that consists of volunteers who are passionate supporters of our library.  They work together with staff and trustee members to promote our library and it's many programs.
Friends provide financial support for library projects, programs, and services. They raise money through donations, raffles, casinos, and book sales. The Friends also accept donations of recyclable bottles and cans and forward the proceeds to the "Bottles for Books" program. 

Similar to many other countries, in Canada and especially in Westlock, the Friends of the Library has, for many years, been a strong advocate for a thriving library in Westlock and surrounding communities.  Each library works within a budget but there are always extras that are useful to embellish the many and varied programs that the libraries offer.

Friends need to be creative and adaptable to fit the needs of the community and programs offered by the libraries.  Added electronic devices, shelving furniture and even decorating may be some of the projects that are needed.  Of course, this means funds are required and fundraising becomes a large part of the focus of the Friends. Spreading the word about the good services that the library provides is part of the advocacy that the Friends provide.

Friends of the Westlock Library are always looking for members to add a special dynamic to their group! Check out the video below to hear all about it!

For more information, or to join the Friends, 
or call the library at (780) 349-3060