Board of Trustees

The Library Board has full legislative authority for the management and provision of library services in the municipality. The Board approves annual budgets and has financial oversight of library operations. In addition, the Board determines service objectives for the library that are appropriate to the needs of the community and re-examines them periodically. The Board also develops policies governing library programs and operations in consultation with the library's manager.



Kathy Kieser (Chairperson- County of Westlock)
Thressa Zilinksi (Vice Chair- County of Westlock)
Abby Keyes  (Treasurer- Councillor – Town of Westlock)
Jeanne Roska- (Acting Secretary - Town of Westlock)

Board Members:

Christine Wiese (Reeve - County of Westlock)
Deborah Forbes- member (Town of Westlock)
Donna Kinley- member (County of Westlock) 
Adelle Clark - member (Town of Westlock)
Tanya Pollard - member (Town of Westlock)

We welcome your comments to the Board

Mail to:
Westlock Intermunicipal Library Board
c/o Westlock Library
#1-10007-100 Avenue
Westlock, Alberta T7P 2H5