Please call 780-350-8400 or email to book a time slot to write your exam. It does cost $25 to rent the space, which can be paid before or after at the library front desk.

At the school’s request, we’re committed to ensuring fairness and honesty in our exams. Here are a few important rules to keep in mind:

Supervision During the Exam:

It is imperative that you remain under regular supervision throughout the exam session. Your exam screen and activities must always be visible to the invigilator.

Browser History Review:

Please be aware that we have the capability to review the browser history on your computer to monitor the websites you accessed during the exam. Any concerns regarding unauthorized materials or resources accessed during the exam will be reported to the school.

No Outside Material Allowed:

Do not use any outside material, such as books, notes, or electronic devices, unless your instructor explicitly permits them. Ensure all your belongings are outside the exam room before entering.

Thank you for you cooperation in maintaining the standards of academic integrity.